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IT Idea for Spiritization

Introduction to CMMI V 1.1 Staged Representation
18 - 20 May 2005
Siam City Hotel, Bangkok


   Day 1

8.30 AM Module One: Welcome, Introduction, Logistics, and Overview
Participant Introductions and Expectation
9.45 AM Module Two: Model-Based Process Improvement
10.30 AM Break
10.50 AM Module Two: Continued
11.30 AM Exercise: Introduction to Defining Processes
12.30 PM Lunch
1.30 PM Module Three: CMMI-Staged Overview
2.30 PM Exercise Map Statements to Process Areas
3.00 PM Break
3.20 PM Module Four: Maturity Level 2 Managed
3.35 PM PA Requirements Management (REQM)
4.05 PM PA Project Planning (PP)
4.20 PM PA Project Monitoring and Control (PMC)
4.35 PM PA Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)
4.50 PM PA Measurement and Analysis (MA)
5.05 PM End of the Day
Homework Assignment
Read the first 6 chapters of the CMMI Model document


   Day 2

8.30 AM Instructor remarks
8.45 AM Review of homework reading
9.00 AM Exercise: Process Definition and Gap Analysis Using a PA
9.45 AM PA Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)
10.00 AM PA Configuration Management (CM)
10.15 AM Break
10.35 AM Exercise: Impact of an Engineering Change
11.20 AM PA Relationships and Module 4 Summary
11.35 AM Module 5: Maturity Level 3 Defined
11.50 AM PA Requirements Development (RD)
12.05 PM Lunch
1.00 PM PA Technical Solution (TS)
1.15 PM PA Product Integration (PI)
1.30 PM PA Verification (VER)
1.45 PM PA Validation (VAL)
2.00 PM PA Organizational Process Focus (OPF)
2.15 PM PA Organizational Process Definition (OPD)
2.30 PM Break
2.50 PM PA Organizational Training (OT)
3.05 PM PA Integrated Project Management (IPM)
3.20 PM Exercise: Process Asset Library
4.15 PM PA Risk Management (RSKM)
4.30 PM PA Integrated Supplier Management (ISM)
4.45 PM PA Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) and Summary
5.00 PM End of the Day

Homework Assignment
Read the scenarios for the Scenario Evaluations Exercise


   Day 3

8.30 AM Instructor remarks
8.45 AM Exercise: Scenario Evaluation
9.30 AM Module Six: Integrated Product and Process Development
9.45 AM PA Organizational Environment for Integration (OEI)
10.00 AM PA Integrated Project Management (IPM) with IPPD added
10.15 AM PA Integrated Teaming (IT)
10.30 AM Break
10.50 AM PA Relationships and Module 6 Summary
11.05 AM Module Seven: Maturity Level 4 Quantitatively Managed
11.20 AM PA Organizational Process Performance (OPP)
11.35 AM PA Quantitative Project Management (QPM)
11.50 AM PA Relationships and Module 7 Summary
12.05 PM Lunch
1.00 PM Exercise: quantitatively Managed Level
1.30 PM Module Eight: Maturity Level 5 Optimizing
1.45 PM PA Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID)
2.00 PM PA Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)
2.15 PM PA Relationships and Module 8 Summary
2.30 PM Break
2.50 PM Module Nine: Course Summary
3.05 PM Review expectations
3.20 PM Course Evaluations: Complete module, instructor, & overall evaluations
3.45 PM End of the Course